Page 4 of 26Passive Marketing Tools are techniques and tools that you simply wear or use that help you share by sparking interest in those around you when you are out and about. Passive Marketing Tools are wonderful when coupled with a Business Tool like a business card, CD, DVD or a sample of oil with your card. What do I mean? When someone asks you about your Passive Marketing Tool it opens up a conversation. This conversation can lead to an exchange of information (collecting their name, email, phone number) and giving them your tool. Get it? Here are your resources to purchase Passive Marketing Tools: • • • • • • • • Passive Marketing Tools 3

Amazon runs one of the largest affiliate programs around, called Amazon Associates. You can become part of the program as long as your website already has some content (about five or ten posts). Bear in mind that once you’ve applied, it can take a few days to be approved. Once your account is ready, you can start to focus on building an effective website.

Great post - I'm a bit late in seeing this it seems!I have a question around how you assess the metrics and in turn success of these websites. It's obvious where the money is coming in for most of them but Im wondering how you assess Its a great looking site but it has around 350-400 organic views a month and does not rank 1st, 2nd or 3rd for most keywords - not even its main target keyword -ontraport vs infusionsoft. Are you assuming its successful because of the high commission rates for these products and they might make 20 sales a month or is there other signs you see that indicate its a profitable site (or do you know the owner!)?
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