I like to see other weak sites ranking with lower Trust Flow and Citation flow (or domain authority and page authority).  So, first I just look at the overall KC score and try to find keywords under the 30 mark.  Then I double check to see if there are some weak affiliate sites, forum posts, article directories, or other weak sites that have poor metrics.
You pay a fee and for that fee, they give you a website that is set up as an e-commerce store based on affiliate datafeed(s). Many times they tout that the website also auto produces content for you in the form of articles, news, and video. There's nothing to do on your end! Simply pay the fee, and you get an affiliate site that's ready to go, and you will make loads of cash!

In February 2000, Amazon announced that it had been granted a patent[14] on components of an affiliate program. The patent application was submitted in June 1997, which predates most affiliate programs, but not PC Flowers & Gifts.com (October 1994), AutoWeb.com (October 1995), Kbkids.com/BrainPlay.com (January 1996), EPage (April 1996), and several others.[9]

no way, how can it gain ranking from google if you dont have that much links? I always though SEO is about linking, I mean givin you have good content but link is still so important. But this case is diffirent, how come? Maybe Ill have to make the domain aged and just put good content w/o that much link, and this is exactly how you made it right? Anyway , well see if I can do it also. Im still surprised about the lesser links though haha.

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Preferably you would want to get a dropshipping website that has a minimum of 8 months income. The sustainability of the revenue also matters as you would need it to continue generating as much money as is reasonable. However, purchasing a drop shipping website with eight months of income will not be cheap. Most websites sell for 25 times their monthly average income.
We’re willing to bet that about 95% of websites contain (or should contain) some sort of contact form. Why spend valuable hours programming a contact form? Just grab the one that Wufoo has already created for you! Our contact form gives people a way to email people, without sharing the recipient’s email address. Of course, if you want to customize the contact form and make it extra jazzy, you’re free to do so. You can customize all of Wufoo’s forms.
In order to get some Amazon reviews, we used Tomoson.  In the process, we found out that lots of the reviewers have blogs and are willing to write a blog post review of your products.  So, we gave it a shot and asked for maybe 10 people or so to write a blog post reviewing our Amazon product.  Because our niche site is one place where we sell our product, we got a link back to our niche site with each of those product reviews.

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