Thought I’d weigh in on this because I have a private label line on Amazon and use my brand website simply to point back to my Amazon listings and some related products on Amazon that aren’t mine. I don’t generate a lot of sales through that website, but when I do get an order it’s super fun because I get the sale AND the affiliate commission. I, too, checked with Amazon before using this strategy and they were fine with it.
HI Spencer, just found your blog…very thorough and interesting to read. I am going to mention it as one stellar example of Amazon affiliate marketing on my newest blog to inspire my subscribers. I’ve used Long Tail Pro keyword tool and promoted it (got some affiliate sales because it’s THAT good)…and it’s nice to see a face to match with the tool. Awesome results you’ve had. Congrats! I’m really glad to see you post “real-world” case studies of what it looks like when you and others are just getting started. Often, we expect overnight success, but the reality it that it takes consistent, focused action. But, oh boy, it is worth when it starts paying off. Thank you for the inspiration your blog is providing for me personally, and all those that follow! Have a grand October – Warmly, Kristie
As mentioned, we sell a physical product on Amazon that is related to this niche site.  We held a contest using Contest Domination, in an attempt to get email subscribers.  We didn't run the contest in an attempt to get links; however, it did indeed lead to few links.  One of the contestants posted the contest on a couple of sweepstakes type sites, and this gave us a few links to our site.  This didn't lead to a lot of links, however, as it was shared on social media and other places, it did indeed generate a few links.
For starters, WordPress is easy to set up, learn and use. While coding skills can come in handy once a while, you don’t need any coding knowledge to build an affiliate website with WordPress. You just need the right WordPress theme and plugins and you’re set.Additionally, readily available WordPress themes, plugins, add-ons, scripts and extensions make WordPress quite the versatile platform.

As the article mentions, you’ll want to try your partner company’s products first before endorsing/marketing them. So, you’ll need to find companies that you feel confident marketing products for before you add them to your website. Since you’re a beginner, I’d do that legwork first. Find some products that you feel confident are desirable in your target audience, test them out to make sure they’re good, and then think about how you’re going to market them. Is a website going to be the best way? Social media? YouTube videos? This part of your strategy is crucial. Once you have the strategy determined, it’s just a matter of executing it and adjusting it as you see fit along the way.
Page 2 of 26Dear Young Living Distributor, Are you frustrated with the growth of your Young Living business? Did you start off like gangbusters and now you feel like your business growth has stalled? Do you feel stuck with a passion that you want to do this as a business but just don't know how to share Young Living? Are you intimidated with the tools or ways your upline leaders share Young Living? Do you feel like what used to work for years for you is just not getting the same re- sults? I want to share with you a few reasons why you may be feeling frustrated right now. The number one reason you are feeling frustrated is because you most likely have a condi- tion call LEAD DEFICIT DISORDER.... No joke this condition comes from the fact that you have little to no new contacts being exposed to your products and business. “But But But”.... you might tell me...”I am doing classes, I am doing conference calls, I am teaching my team...” these are all great things but do they include bringing new people for classes, conference calls etc.? Many times as we grow, we stop marketing and start teaching and training our team which puts us into MANAGEMENT MODE and STOPS our GROWTH. If you want to grow your business, you and your TEAM must constantly be exposing new people to your products and business. You may be using a few tools like a website, classes, or Zyto Scans... but a few tools are not enough. In fact we must constantly be evolving new tools and techniques to expose new people to what we have. In the 14 years I have worked with Young Living, many things have changed where people look for information and what they are willing to do and what they aren't. Testing your Introduction 1
The Wirecutter is the best example of an affiliate site that I've ever seen. I wouldn't even put it in the same category as what you'd think of as an affiliate site, aside from how they make their money. Brian Lam's a great example of someone who sticks to a principle and then grinds it out to the nth degree. Can't say how many times I've used that site (and TheSweethome) for product reviews.
I like to see other weak sites ranking with lower Trust Flow and Citation flow (or domain authority and page authority).  So, first I just look at the overall KC score and try to find keywords under the 30 mark.  Then I double check to see if there are some weak affiliate sites, forum posts, article directories, or other weak sites that have poor metrics.
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